Fractional, on-demand CFO and CTO/CDO/CIO services company to transform client businesses

Strategy definition, capitalization and implementation, M&A advisory and turnarounds, financial risk management and reduction, reduction of cost of capital

Information and data technology services for business process digitization, streamlining and automation, and data-embedded value monetization

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Vernadun is as an expanded On-demand Chief Financial Officer for small and/or medium-size businesses since many firms cannot have such position on staff or could enhance their corresponding on-staff resource on a temporary or ongoing basis.

The company’s capabilities are anchored at its decades of financial markets and financial services experience, comprehensive expertise in financial technologies, and the multitude of relationships with banks and other financial organizations. Read More

The above-referenced relationships of the company serve well the growth and restructuring aspiring small and medium-sized businesses nationwide and, at times, internationally.

Vernadun-secured client deal funding terms are competitive and structured to fit their circumstances, meet their needs and interests in the best possible manner, and go beyond those of a simple referral to the funding sources. In addition to services for their M&A strategy development and corresponding sourcing, the company offers them a smooth ride across all steps of the funding process. It includes curation and driving of the deal through prequalification, origination, underwriting, and closing stages.

When needed, from the universe of its peer companies, Vernadun also attracts ad hoc teams of buy-side and closing attorney and other necessary professional services. Such integrated advisory support enables Vernadun in assuring closing and other risks, as well as cost-of-capital reduction. When applicable, Vernadun offers also other post-closing services. Read Less

Information and Data Technologies

Information and Data Technologies

Vernadun also offers On-demand Chief Technology/Data or Chief Information Officer services to the small and/or medium-size businesses for reasons similar to the ones alluded for the company’s On-demand CFO services.

A particular manifestation of such services is the harmonized post-M&A technology and/or process integration and optimization, consistent with and supporting the aims of the underlying M&A strategy.  Read More

This is a major, resulting in Return on Investment improvement, benefit offered to the company’s clients.

To this end, Vernadun brings a visionary outlook and comprehensive expertise in providing advanced technological solutions and niche or large-scale, commoditized, scalable, complex systems.

Such solutions aim at and assure the efficiency, reliability, availability, and scalability of client processes, applications, and services. Among other enhanced functionalities, they may include the following: cloudization of applications and services; data security and/or secure data sharing by-design; on-demand and real-time processing of streaming data; decision-making automation or semi-automation; etc.

Vernadun’s such capacity stems from its principals’ long entrepreneurial and senior-level corporate presence and advanced work in advanced quantitative and financial engineering quarters of financial and commodity, including energy, markets, and other Big Data disciplines, as well as on the faculty of mathematics and finance departments of major U.S. research universities. Read Less

Our Portfolio Companies

AI, Autonomy & Automation

AI, Autonomy & Automation

Artificial Intelligence in Vernadun’s universe is automation, integrated situational awareness, and decision-making utility. Automated situational awareness and decision-making beyond search-and-match, and in applicational habitats which represent model-based and data-driven dynamic and interactive environments, being of game-theoretical character, are the company’s key areas of interest. Read More

With Vernadun, decision-making machinery holds at its core advanced evolutionary game theory, while the derived from this theory machinery for situational awareness is the corresponding inverse evolutionary game theory. The latter represents an advancement of the machine-learning technologies from static or mildly dynamic environments to strongly dynamic and interactive ones.

The company’s overall solution for the above-described meta-problems is a sequential, commoditized integration of special analytic, software, middleware, infrastructure and hardware implementation.

Some of the most readily conceptualizable use cases of Vernadun’s broad technological framework are the financial trading and asset management industries, or contemporary autonomy and semi-autonomy aspiring and swarms-of-multimodal-unmanned-vehicles incorporating hybrid military theaters.

Since most of the business can be viewed as optimal asset allocation and management processes which aim at the optimization of set objectives in, possibly, mixed competitive-cooperative environments, various interactive, autonomous multi-robotics systems also represent use cases of this technology.

Vernadun’s focus at financial markets formalism and meta-algorithmization capabilities are summarised in Part 1 and Part 2 articles in one of the Capital Markets’ premier online publications, TABB Forum.

Further detail on the company’s AI, Autonomy and Automation applications and services can be inquired through its portfolio company RACS International. Read Less

Health & Lifestyle

Health & Lifestyle

Every single day, increased competitiveness and expectations for improved productivity in the marketplace directly impacts the health and lifestyle of business leaders and their sense of happiness at work. Don’t be a casualty!

Happy employees perform at their best. Real joy at work gives another incentive to look forward to the next working day and contribute positively to the performance of their peers. Read More

With a motto to help them feel good and look good, Vernadun’s portfolio company Golden Apple Keepers provides group meals, personal image, lifestyle improvement and maintenance programs to the clients.

These meal programs are designed around the increasingly popular Keto or Ketogenic diet. Keto lowers the daily intake of carbohydrates and obtains necessary calories from protein and fat. Unlike other diets, Keto is not boring as one eats healthy while still eating delicious meals. This helps to transform meal consumers’ food tasting sensibilities not only for simple utility for the functioning of the body and brain but to the plane of pleasure!

As Keto is not recommended to be offered continuously for more than three months, Golden Apple Keepers alternates meals with a regular but still low carb menu on a quarterly basis. At the same time, completely seasonal-based, international cuisine foundational to the menu is creative and ever-revolving. These meal programs are structured for breakfast and/or lunch, while additional snacks can be offered toward the end of the working day.

Leveraging the company’s expertise and relationships in the style & fashion world, personalized stylist-consultant and wardrobe services are delivered for the benefit of the clients. The “look good” piece to the puzzle defined above fulfills the company’s motto.

Further detail on this offering can be obtained from Golden Apple Keepers. Read Less

Founder’s Philosophy

Founder’s Philosophy

The amalgamation of two well-known intellectual adages, Occam’s Razor and Maslow’s Hammer, provide the philosophical foundation of Vernadun’s problem-solving and customer-serving paradigm.

Attributed to the Franciscan Friar William of Ockham Occam’s Razor advises that “one should select the path with the fewest assumptions when presented with competing hypotheses for the solution of a problem.”

Meanwhile, Maslow’s Hammer warns of a “temptation to treat everything as if it were a nail when the only tool you have is a hammer.”

The first adage teaches us that the fewer assumptions make the problem’s solutions more testable, while the second one guards us against the problem’s oversimplification, and transformation into another one, just because we have a solution for that one.


Martin Jermakyan brings a combined 25+ years senior-level managerial and entrepreneurial experience in finance and advanced technologies from Chicago’s and New York’s fintech industries, along with an intensive academic experience from the Mathematics and Finance departments of UCLA and University of Michigan, and The Banking Institute of Higher School of Economics.

He is a recognized expert in financial and quantitative modeling, investment banking and trading, including M&A and roll-ups, an innovator and visionary in Information and Financial Technologies – particularly in game-theoretical Artificial Intelligence.

A Ph.D. in Mathematics and Physics, he is also an experienced public speaker and a published author of numerous articles and specialized chapters in leading U.S. academic, professional, and business publications and online business forums.

Martin is jazz, opera, classical music, and modern art lover, who with his wife Naira and Vernadun’s operations has settled in the Metro Atlanta area in recent years.

Martin Jermakyan

Martin Jermakyan

Founder, President, and CEO